Nanni: The Great Adventure of a Small Mouse


Our hero is a small mouse living in a farm. He has an ordinary, routine life: eating, strolling around, then sleeping in his hole. One day, an old an wise owl asks him a question that awakes Nanni’s curiosity about life. Now the mouse wants to discover what he is good for in this life and starts an adventurous trip at the back of the farmer’s tractor…

A journey with an aim brings unforgettable memories and valuable experience about life. The lovely little mouse Nanni realises how asking the right questions brings him closer to happiness.

Written by: Koray Avcı Çakman
Illustrated by: Zeynep Özatalay
Tudem, 2018, 96 pages
Themes: Quest for the meaning
of life, art, future, friends, life
Age: 8+



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