My Grandfather’s Flying Saucer

Cenk is very happy that his grandfather and grandmother who live in a village, come to visit them in the city. During the time he spends with his grandfather he meets old book sellers and bookbinders, helps a dog soaked under the rain. He also learns from his grandfather that we do not always need to buy new things, that we can repair old things or use them elsewhere.

When Cenk’s grandparents return to their village it is Cenk’s and his brother’s turn to visit them during their summer vacation. But the TV and computer games they are so used to do not exist in the village. But the grandfather takes the issue in hand and with flying saucers he makes out of kites, a colorful welcome ceremony and poetry, he helps kids to get used to their new place. During the time they spend in the village, the two brothers see how different life is in the village, learn about nature and find out what they want from life.

My Grandfather’s Flying Saucer brings extraordinary adults and curious kids together and take the readers to a journey where they will discover different lifestyles, choice of the right profession and create an ecological awareness about how consumerism harms our lives and the nature.  While the language focuses on creativity and imagination, the humorous elements make this book a lovely read.

Novel, Tudem, 2015, 104 pages

Themes: Ecology, love of nature,

awareness, personal development

Age: 9+



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