Miss Pinprick

Miss Pinprick thinks it is great to be different. With her excessive cleanness, her piano, her white cat, her interesting outfits and joyful attitude, her neighbors consider her as a lovely nutcase. The neighborhood kids start observing her and believe she is some kind of a witch and try to persuade others about it.

The short stories happening in the same context and with the same characters are related by different narrators: The cat, the kids, the neighbors. Each story brings another aspect of Miss Pinprick’s character. It is different to be different in the society. But Miss Pinprick is at ease with herself and shows kids how to approach differences among people and how to see extraordinary sides of each person.

Eight stories revolving around Miss Pinprick and her cat, allowing the little reader to view the world from a different and definitely more colorful lens. The book was awarded with 2012 Tudem Literature Prize.

Stories, 2013, Tudem, 112 pages

Themes: Tolerance, accepting differences,

empathy, imagination, curiosity

Age: 9+



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