Learning to Think with Nasreddin Hodja

Learning to Think with Nasreddin Hodja, written by the famous philosopher Oscar Brenifier and the philosophy teacher Isabelle Millon treats one of the important characters of Anatolian folk culture with an original approach.

Nasreddin Hodja was a famous satirical sufi, who possibly lived in the 13th century. His stories and jokes have a subtle humor and a pedagogic message. Nasreddin Hodja stories are still popular, 1996 was declared as the International Nasreddin Hodja Year by UNESCO and his image appears as the most important caricature award in Turkey.

The book studies twelve Nasreddin Hodja stories edited from different sources, under three main topics. The book offers questions aimed at understanding and interpreting the story, exercises to practice individually or as a class and a philosophical treatise of the story. Aiming at developing children’s thinking and questioning abilities, “Learning to Think with Nasreddin Hodja” is also an important resource for parents and teachers.

Beautifully illustrated with the paintings of awarded illustrator Serap Deliorman, Learning to Think with Nasreddin Hodja offers a visual digest to young readers.

We present a full English translation of this book to your attention!
Essay, Tudem, 2011, 176 pages,
fully illustratedThemes: Philosoph, dream and

reality,delusion, appearance,

truth and friendship,words and

thinking, identity, knowledge,

learning, searching and finding,

awareness, responsibility,


Age: 9+



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