Kapiland’s Guinea Pigs

In her novel Kapiland’s Guinea Pigs, Miyase Sertbarut chose  an economic conspiracy as a theme: The land is threatened by a virus that triggers violent behavior among children and teenagers. Thankfully, scientists from Kapiland develop a syrup called Anti-Row, an antiviral suspiciously distributed for free by the Ministry of Health. Soon young individuals become docile and obedient – But now they just think about consuming and eating more.

A teenager whom his classmates call “Marjinal”, already an outlier in the classroom, refuses to drink the syrup. Soon he will discover the unpleasant health effects of the syrup on his friends and try to discourage everybody from drinking the syrup.

While some people let themselves be manipulated by fear and panic, others turn it to their advantage and commercial violence takes over. Violence at schools, drug abuse and fascism on the rise are themes we encounter way too often, as well as how consumption is propagandized by economic powers as the ultimate good. Throughout her novel, author Miyase Sertbarut wanders and touches each of these uneasy topics and presents her story in a world every teenager will immediately identify herself with.

Novel, Tudem, 2007, 216 pages

Themes: Consumption, awareness, GMO,

capitalization of science, family

Age: 10+



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