Kapiland’s Apocalypse

The “Kapiland” series by the awarded writer Miyase Sertbarut is complete with the last episode, “Kapiland’s Apocalypse”.

A dystopia where fiction meets reality, Kapiland’s Apocalypse tells us about the planet’s dark future, endangered by colonialism and nuclear war.

Mehtap and Marji, two young people trying not to bend to Kapiland, the power that reigns the entire world are now university students. While the two try to create a new life in a new town, their life is shattered by a major earthquake in 2019. Kapiland blames Persiya for having caused the earthquake and the fight escalates very quickly. The nuclear missiles fired will blow the world into a terrible nuclear catastrophe. When Mehtap and Marji save themselves from the ruins, the date is August 24, 2049. For the two friends who were sleeping since almost 30 years, a bitter struggle for survival starts. The president of Kapiland, who drove the entire world into a catastrophical place lives a comfortable life in one Aegean island. His path will cross those of Mehtap and Marji.

With its dystopic aura, Kapiland’s Apocalypse tells us a likely story: In a war-thorn world, the artificial intelligence character leading the entire story evokes human values and questions good and evil, feelings, loyalty and ethics

Kapiland’s Apocalypse

Miyase Sertbarut

Novel, 2018, Tudem, 224 pages

Themes: Nuclear war, AI, sci-fi

Age: 11+



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