If you are an angel and you cannot fly, then you have a real problem. If you have wings you cannot use, people will think you are a coward. Our hero Kaf is one such angel. He comes from the upper cast of angels, yet cannot fly and has to ride a bat in order to travel. To Kaf’s great annoyance, everybody raves about it. Moreover, he needs to overcome an apprenticeship period and a difficult examination in order to become a full-potential angel.

Kaf’s first difficult duty is to start baby-sitting a toddler in medieval İstanbul. The toddler has indeed no wings, but contrary to Kaf he is very interested in flying! Kaf did not know yet that he was to change the baby’s life.

The fantasy story brings together a figure from the Oriental mythology, a winged angel and the historical figure Hezarfen, who was the first person  who managed to develop a flying device and to fly over the Galata Tower to the other side of the Bosphorus. Fantasy forges together with mythology, history and the medieval İstanbul and teaches young readers how vital it is to confront fears in life. In order to realize oneself, one should try again and again.

The novel was awarded the second place of 2013 Tudem Literature Awards.

Novel, 2014, Tudem, 168 pages

Themes: Courage, self-development,

fears, adventure

Age: 9+



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