Jigsaw children

We are somewhere close to Aspendos, one of the most important archaeological remains in Anatolia. Everywhere, there are tents pitched by seasonal workers in fields. Among adults, many children are also working under the burning sun.

Rojin is one of these children who had to learn life too early. All day long, she works hard pulling out plants or plowing the soil. The only thing that attaches her to life is her hopes of meeting her sister Revan, whom her father took along years ago. But the only thing she knows about her sister is that she is selling napkins or bagels in front of a hospital in İzmir.

Fortunately, Rojin is not alone. There is a 222 years-old sage showing her the way and her beautiful friends, who will beat their wings from Aspendos to İzmir in order to take her to her sister.

As Rojin approaches her dream, the bleeding wounds of the society get deeper. The existence of child workers who have to work under deplorable conditions become more evident. The pain of these little lives, swinging around like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle hurt our souls.

Mehmet Atilla narrates us his touching story through an old olive tree and helpful birds resting on its branches, embellishes it with little poems and makes us a witness of two sisters’ separation and reunion.

Novel, Tudem, 2015, 184 pages

Themes: Child workers, dispersed family,

seasonal workers, love, social life,


Age: 10+



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