It’s that easy!

“Learning maths is like learning a new language. To hear the beautiful stories in that language, you have to master the language a bit. If you can live with the burden at the start, mathematics will generously offer you all the beauties it keeps inside.”

This book does not aim in teaching kids maths. It tries to convince them to see how entertaining maths actually is! If they believe it makes fun, they will definitely discover the fun in it and enjoy numbers and shapes.

Mathematics is a highly abstract language and consists of numbers, operations and shapes. That’s perhaps why many of us have a hard time with it. If we do not enjoy the learning process of this language, we think it is boring. The very basics of mathematics are narrated by Toprak Işık with the help of humor and literature. Many concepts that would take hours to explain on a blackboard are brought easily with personifications, metaphors and puns.

Essay, Tudem, 2016, 176 pages

Themes: Numbers, operations,

geometry, arithmetics, graphics and data reading

Age: 9+



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