It’s That Easy! 2


“Learning maths is like learning a new language. To hear the beautiful stories in that language, you have to master the language a bit. If you can live with the burden at the start, mathematics will generously offer you all the beauties it keeps inside.”

This is the second episode of Toprak Işık’s “It’s That Easy!” This book does not try to teach kids maths. It tries to convince them to see how entertaining maths actually is! If they believe it makes fun, they will definitely enjoy mathematical concepts.

Written as a conversation, “It’s that Easy – 2” is a fun reading for kids who are afraid of too many numbers and operation signs on a paper. As the sequel of the first volume, the book explores more abstract concepts such as fractions, exponentials, decimals. “It’s that Easy!” is a book for all kids who have had their first encounter with maths and those who would like to explore more of it.

Written by: Toprak Işık

Illustrated by: Doğan Gençbay

Publisher: Tudem, 2018, 160 pages

Themes: Fraction, exponentials,

multiplication and division,

decimals, how to proof

a calculation

Age group: 8+



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