It will be your turn too!

“Human vices blur minds. Greed, pride, ambition, jealousy, insensitivity, hate and pitilessness… These vices will open up all doors to me.”

A writer who cannot dominate words, an imaginary character went out of control and a soul who wants to get out of the cemetery. What would happen if their roads cross?

The twelve stories in the book aim at confronting the reader with their vices. These vices are elementary in bringing an out-of-control novel character into life. This character is called Golem and when he obtains the thirteenth soul, something he dreams of will come true. Spiders, a mysterious ship, whutering rocks and a high pitched violin sound will bring him one step closer to life.

In every story, new characters with new particularities come along. They are all suffering with their vices: Halil is jealous about the new cell phone of his mate, Ilayda cannot stand against shopping for new clothes, Semiha who compares his brother’s success and feels jealous.

In every story, the cold breath of Golem is behind the reader, who will wonder who comes next. They will either get rid of their vices or see everything around them freeze and turn into ice crystals.

Novel, Tudem, 2016, 120 pages

Themes: Feelings, human vices,

social life, horror

Age: 10+



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