In the Shade of Kybele

The novel starts introducing Demirhan, the protagonist who is terribly disappointed to learn that he has to travel with his parents on holiday. He is not really interested in a family holiday, however the adventures awaiting him will change his life.

The family travels to the ancient Cyzicos, a historical coastal town offering much nature and history to its fans. Demirhan chooses to spend time at the seaside first, but then decides to take a look at the ruins of the ancient town. There, he meets a strange girl in white dresses. The girl whose name is Tudo lived in ancient times and traveled to present: The Mother Goddess Kybele protects her and the Black Stone she sent on the Earth allows Tudo to travel in time. Tudo and Emirhan will unite and start a thrilling adventure in order to bring the Black Stone to its divine owner.

Yasemin Yücesoy Gündoğan, known for forging ancient civilizations and cultures in original fantasy stories offers young readers a first taste of history and mythology. The Cyzicene coast where the adventure happens, appears in a number of mythological stories, including the Argonauts. In the Shade of Kybele is an ode to the legends of the ancient world.

Yasemin Yücesoy Gündoğan

Novel, Tudem, 2014, 176 pages

Themes: Greek mythology,

past and present, communication

with the world around

Age: 9+



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