I Have to Do Something!



Daydreams and plans of an 8 years-old, who says “I Have to do something!” in order to dream, to focus on plans, to find quick solutions to issues, togrow up and even to fall in love. I Have to Do Something is a collection of 15 short stories about dreaming, focusing, love, problem solving and growing up, relating the issues children encounter in daily life and the hilarious reactions they give.

This humorous title invites young readers to a world where dreams and life experiences play the main role. Each story ends in the most surprising way, making the reader feel like reading one more.

Written by: Elif Yonat Toğay
Illustrated by: Gökçe İrten
Tudem, 2018, 80 pages
Illustrated short stories
Themes: Childhood, humor,
Daydaydreaming, school life
Age: 8+



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