I am a Ghost

Mila is a child like others… maybe not. She is diagnosed with autism: She has problems connecting to the outside world, but she has talents no one else has. Mila feels alone and abandoned. She thinks she must be a ghost, that’s probably the reason why she is ignored by everyone else in the world. Mila doesn’t want to go to school her entire life. She yearns to b like other kids, to have friends, to go to the park, to play on the grass. She dreams to be “normal.”

With her first book “If I were a Bird, I woud Fly Home”, the author Güzin Öztürk was critically acclaimed for her realistic yet sensitive language. Again she treats a thorny topic and introduces the reader to the world of an autistic girl called Mila, who has difficulties in understanding her own feelings and to socialize but yet yearns to be “seen” and recognized by the society. Autism is not Mila’s destiny, and it should not be her sin. “I am a ghost” is a book that invites young readers to reflect on their own feelings and the meaning they attach to their life as well as on the feelings of others, especially those who cannot mingle very easily into the community.

Novel, 2017, Tudem, 112 pages

Themes: Autism, accepting differences,

individual vs. society,

recognizing feelings.

Age: 10+



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