the passage of ghosts

Andaç and Elvan are two ordinary teenage girls. Like any ordinary teenage girl, they spend their time on social media and talk about their hot classmates. Suddenly, a series of strange events shake their life: First, they witness a cat being hit by a car, but the cat is still alive and fit. Andaç adopts the cat and calls her “Wonder”. Then, a crow brings her a giant brooch. Andaç shows the brooch to their cool, hip -and quite wealthy- friend Girgin, who identifies it to be extremely precious. Then Andaç experiences a terrible nightmare: A ghost in shape of a beautiful young man, comes to ask for her help. He says, “We are 99 in there. If you do not save us, we will never get out again!

The next day comes the decisive moment that separates the two friends for a while: Andaç finds out she has an uncle at the same time she learns her mother has to go to a long trip alone. Andaç, her cat and her father will visit the uncle, and Andaç is supposed to stay with him a while. She finds herself in a spooky village, in a spooky house facing a cemetery, encircled with weird people. In fact, she is chosen in order to free the “passage of ghosts”.

The new novel of Hanzade Servi, illustrated by the young and talented artist Maria Brzozowska, brings together the elements of a spooky ghost story and an teenage adventure, with an intelligent zest of black humor.

Novel, Tudem, 2017, 232 pages

Themes: Teenagers, ghosts, mystery,

darkness, imagination, family

Age: 11+



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