Grumpy Auntie 1- 5

Bugs, cats, cats, flowers, noisy neighbors. The grumpy auntie has always something to moan about. She is not exactly fond of children and children do not want to encounter her as she complains all the time, but life is life and sometimes she has to take care of the neighbor’s baby, ride a boogie boogie with them or shop relentlessly.

Grumpy Auntie’s life changes as she meets Mine, the neighbour’s curious but friendly daughter. Time to time they have to go shop, baby sit or repair Grumpy Auntie’s broken gadgets. Although Grumpy Auntie does not like company, she feels happy that she is no longer alone.

The Grumpy Auntie is waiting for little readers to remind them that everything depends of which direction we look at life and where to find happiness and beauty. A humorous series full of little details children will love and loads of adventures about friendship, love and solidarity.

Stories, Tudem, 2015 – 2018, 32 pages, 5 volumes

Themes: Happiness, life, pessimism,

friendship, humor

Age: 4+



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