Gohor: The Glass Town

In the dystopic world of year 2400 a town isolated by a glass wall exists somewhere in the world along with blue phoenix birds, red owls, moving photos, dream rooms and many more. A lucky group of humans who managed to save themselves from environmental disasters created this town. The Glass Town is far from the evil of the world outside and people live in well-being and happiness. However, life is quite different outside the glass wall. Those who are left outside the wall have to live in primitive conditions. Is the Glass Town as serene as it looks? Can we erase our footsteps from the past? Where are our traces hidden? Gohor Askine, son of Yogid will try to find out what is real and true and to bring an end to the darkness outside.

The awarded author Aşkın Güngör invites the readers to find solutions to an equation formed between life, science and human values.

Novel, 2003 Delidolu, 200 pages

Themes: Liberty, revolution, struggle



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