Gohor II: Way of the Wolves

In the second book of the Gohor series, the protagonist Gohor Askine escapes the Glass Town together with his friends and involve in a philosophical adventure. Do they just need to play the game in order to reach the Time Tower in the nothingness or do they need love? Is that possible that someone really reigns over time?

Awarded author Aşkın Güngör states anything can happen in a world created by writing and offers a philosophical adventure ornamented with sci-fi elements, to discover the real and the true.

“The ‘Gohor’ series is a gain for our contemporary literature; it also invites us to question the form and content of the world we are living in.”  Mavisel Yener, Cumhuriyet Newspaper Book Supplement

“Gohor offers a dark narration that can be described as post-apocalyptic; it is one of the important examples of fantastic science fiction in Turkish language.” İyi Kitap

Novel, 2003, Delidolu, 216 pages

Themes: Fantasy, adventure, solidarity



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