Geraniums, Sardines and our Street

The “Geranium House” is an old manor in the middle of a large garden: It is the last example of its kind, encircled by high apartment buildings. Kids can play in its garden the way they want, they learn their homework together with the inhabitants of the house, read books or organize activities. But the old house is under danger of urban spawn: They all need a cunning plan in order to save the old house! While figuring out a way to save his house, Mr. Rifat organizes a trip for the kids using his old VW minibus he had not touched since 20 years. Together they go to the Dardanelles; there they memorize the Dardanelles War, feel the destructive atmosphere of the war and pay respect to the struggle given by the soldiers at war.

Years later, all the kids who took part at the trip come back and find the old house still afoot. However the house has seen a great metamorphosis and became actually a gift to all the children of the town.

Novel, Tudem, 2017, 96 pages

Themes: Change, solidarity,

solution-oriented thinking, cultural heritage

Age. 9+



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