Free Kids I – The Unexpected Guest

Different kids at different places see the same dream on and on: Rubarba, a kid in a red trench coat, bearing a name as weird as himself, appearing somewhere with a meaningless gaze. He has an important duty: He needs to warn Barış, the leader of the gang “The Free Kids” from the approaching danger. Leadership? Free Kids? For an ordinary kid living an ordinary life, these are extraordinary expressions. But what happens next is both fantastic and funny.

The “Free Kids” are a community founded by kids, who back each other up and who seek for justice in a world where children are ruled and exploited by adults. While delivering a subtle message of union and solidarity, the novel draws an important conclusion: As long as they are tolerant with each other, differences are in fact a source of richness.

Novel, 2017, Tudem, 152 pages

Themes: Imagination, humor,

helping each other, hope

Age: 9+



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