Flying with a Fire Extinguisher

Kids like to fly; some fly in an airplane, some with a little help of a fire extinguisher. Stories also help us fly. We can spread wings and fly, without leaving our room, without even leaving our armchair.

In “Flying with a Fire Extinguisher”, there are dreamy kids along realists, animal rights activists and those who seek justice. Some look for fun, some find a meteorite in a strange piece of stone found at the backyard. Some make us think about peer pressure and mobbing among kids, others narrate us the wonderful friendship between a little girl and an old woman.

These stories are full of joy, life and cats. They will let their little readers like dreaming even more!


Short stories, Tudem, 2013, 96 pages

Themes: Dreams, fantasies,

love of nature and animals, justice

Age: 8+



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