Işık, Mert and Doğan are three teenagers brought together by experiences and friendship. Doğan is blind by birth; although he is outgoing and friendly, he has problems with his father and his brother who do not want to accept the physical impairment he has. Mert goes through a nasty disease, he has a brain surgery and remains visually impaired for the rest of his life and cannot cope with the new situation. Işık on the other hand, is a girl having trouble in growing up. Her mother is dead, her father, a distant and emotionally cold man has remarried. She cannot get along with her stepmother and her sister.

However, one day she manages to develop a friendship with Doğan and at the same time she realizes that she is in love with her schoolmate Mert. These three young people touch each other’s life by chance and discover how precious it is to love oneself and to love others.

Novel, Tudem, 2016, 168 pages

Themes: Puberty, family, peer pressure,

physical impairments, love and friendship.

Age: 11+



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