Farewell Mediterranean!

This is the story of Elif, who travels to a camper hotspot at the Mediterranean coast together with her family. She has just finished primary school and has great plans about her holidays, like being lazy at the seaside, tanning, swimming and listening to the waves. The family stops at a small pension among pines, lemon and orange trees, and Elif meets Gökçe, the son of the Pension’s owner. With her new friend, Elif is introduced to a the locals living in the village nearby as well as a bunch of new things she does not know from the city: Birds, butterflies, colorful fish in the sea, sea turtles who come to lay their eggs to the beach, ruins of an ancient Greek town on the coast and the legends encircling the flames erupting out of a hill.

All this is too overwhelming for Elif, who soon realizes how boring it is just to lay down at the beach. But her only encounters are not animals or plants or ruins. She also meets new people, locals from the village including some peers.  The experiences Elif collects in her summer holiday will leave their imprint on her: She learns about nature, friendship and love.

The short novel was nominated in 2006 as “The Children’s Story of the Year” by IBBY Turkey.

Novel, 2006, Tudem, 104 pages

Themes: Nature, environmental awareness,

discovery of the self

Age: 9+



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