Far and Away

Far and Away consists of two tales narrated in the traditional Anatolian style. In the first tale, which lso gave its name to the book a youth tries to reach his girlfriend, a wealthy feudal chief’s daughter. In order to find her beloved, he will have to overcome difficult tests. The theme is a popular one among Anatolian tales, but the author narrates it with a brand new, fresh and absorbing language, adding fantasy elements, small cameos from other tales and a zest of humor.

The second story, The Valley of Peace reflects the yearning to live in harmony with nature. It is underlined that the harm we are doing to nature will strike us back. The Illustrating Father is an old man drawing and coloring everything in a heaven-like valley. Hunters kill the birds he just drew, which makes the Illustrating Father sore, so he leaves. As soon as he leaves the valley, everything dries and fades.

“Please do not watch TV serials for one evening and read these tales aloud. If you think old gold tales are dead, this book will prove you the contrary. As long as the earth turns and waters flow, could tales ever die?”      Radikal Newspaper Book Supplement

Tales, 2002, Tudem, 96 pages

Themes: Search for meaning,

love of nature, art

Age: 8+



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