Don’t Give a Camera to my Dad!

Children of the computer age relate about how strange adults can be: Children want to catch a smile at every step of life, enjoy fun and see the funny sides of things. Thus they make life easy without even finding solutions to problems.

In these stories stitched together with a fine humor, children tell about themselves and the grown-ups from their point of view. Ten awarded short stories narrating differences among individuals, that issue called generation gap and the breathtakingly quick change of the world over time.

“The book is a beautiful example of how much can be told without deviating from a child’s reality, without imposing kids ideal examples or pointing at things with a finger.” Cumhuriyet Book Magazine

Short stories, Tudem, 2003, 104 pages

Themes: personal differences,

humour, solidarity, empathy

Age: 8+



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Children were asked to make short stories out of interesting experiences. And...
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