Dark Side of Kapiland

In the second episode of “Kapiland”, the unruly high school students “Marjinal” and Mehtap come forward as the main characters, chosen by the rulers of “Kapiland” to be tamed and reindoctrinated. As the result of a fraudulent exam, the two are offered a trip to Kapiland. The trip seems at first like a pleasant travel, however it is in fact a secret operation aimed at reindoctrinating the two high school students, who had uncovered the harmful effects of the “anti-row” medicine in the first episode. The two find Kapiland as a rich, shiny country where people get indebted to keep on buying goods and then become willing slaves in to pay their debts back. Homeless and poor are kept away from big cities for they are unsightly and scientists are abused for the interests of the state. Underneath the shiny veneer, Kapiland has a dark side too.

Kapiland’s survival depends on the premise, as stated by the “Global Trust Institution” that “it should be ensured that every nation in the world loves Kapiland”. Thus all nations are held under surveillance by the propaganda machine of Kapiland. And so the two students are expected to “love” it and to propagate when they are back to their homeland that Kapiland is a peaceful cradle of democracy which offers everyone an opportunity to work and earn money in order to realize their dreams. But will they yield to Kapiland, or will they resist?

“Dark Side of Kapiland” is a thrilling and highly political criticism towards modern lifestyle and consumption frenzy, which ignites a couple of uneasy questions in the mind of the young reader.

Novel, Tudem, 2013, 160 pages

Themes: Consumption, capitalism, resistance,

thinking out of the box

Age: 10+



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