crab the writer

In these ten short stories, the animal characters are all different but we actually know them closely and encounter them in our everyday lives. Some are smart, some are hungry for power, some are calm and some are stubborn. But most of them are lovely and helpful. They all have to do something against the turkey, who speaks too much and doesn’t know where to be silent. This time, it is not only the fox who is smart, but the crow has a trick or two as well. He starts advising the lion and tries to gain power this way. On the other hand, the reports of the clumsy, blunt writer Crab puts him in a difficult situation with everyone. However, he wants to call everyone in the forst to be more honest.

The stories will make the little readers think about solidarity, justice, equality and honesty. While Crab the Writer makes spiky remarks about the art of living together, it also reminds how difficult it is to manage our soft spots.

Short stories, Tudem, 2015, 80 pages

Themes: Animals, communication,

solidarity, problem-solving

Age: 8+



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