12 years-old Ali goes to the bathroom to wash himself. When he turns the tap, he encounters a nasty fact: Instead of water, strange, brown, soft particles in shape of chickpeas were flowing from the tap. Bewildered by what he just saw, Ali cals the strange objects “Bloop-Poops”. He decides to find out what these thing are and whether the entire water circuit of the town is infested by them. So, he runs to his grandfather, who is a joyful, funny old guy. Ali and his grandpa take along grandpa’s parrot Ramazan and Rustam the cat and depart in order to solve this mystery. However, they encounter on the road a group of strange people. These people do not have faces but a black, glowing hole, they wear green and they walk on the air! Ali calls them the “Non-Faces” Ali and his extraordinary team involve in an adventure in a transluscent spaceship, along with these unusual creatures.

This humorous sci-fi novel offers young readers a philosophical insight about the Earth and how precious the resources we take for granted actually are.

Novel, 2011, Tudem, 320 pages

Themes: Sci-fi, water, pollution,

environmental awareness, fantasy

Age: 9+



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