an Ostrich Can do Everything – He can even fly, if he wants to

Days are hard for the ostrich. While parrots and flamingos are able to fly, he has to run all the time and this is so boring. Moreover, the tiger chases him every single day. Finally, our ostrich makes up his mind. He can do everything, if he wants to! But how? With a little help from the neighboring vegetation, the ostrich makes himself wings and he manages to play with the parrots and fly with the flamingos. However, this will not stop his ambitions about the sky…This inspiring cartoon book bringing together elements of cartoons and picture books, underlines the value of dreaming and being happy in our own bodies.

By: Oğuz Demir (writer and illustrator)
Publisher: Tudem, 2019
Dimensions: 32 pages, illustrated, 20.5 x 25.5 cm
Themes: Ambitions, imagination,
creativity, humor
Age group: 5+



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