Amber’s Time Capsule

A room prohibited to go in! A chest containing secrets from the past! A lost time capsule!

Amber lost her mother when she was small. When the little, two-person world created by her father is not enough for her anymore, she decides to go behind the past, namely the truth about her mother and her family. While preparing a clock with photos in it for her father’s birthday, she looks into the chest hidden carefully from her. In the chest there are notes written to Amber, names, hints… When she finds out amber stones are called “natural time capsules”, she comes up with the idea that perhaps there is a time capsule prepared for her. She starts searching for this time capsule and the traces of the names she found in the chest.

The novel was awarded with 2013 Tudem Literature Awards.

Novel, Tudem, 2014, 190 pages

Themes: Communication, love,

yearning, family, personal development

Age: 10+



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