Adventures of Detective Baggydrawers I – The Word-Pirate

A regular day in a regular town starts with people suddenly articulating words incorrectly. People unwillingly mis-read words or say something totally different. As time goes by, the words become even more meaningless. People cannot communicate with each other and when communication stops, so does the daily life.

Our hero, Detective Baggydrawers is already lisping. The disease that took over the town becomes even more unbearable for him, as he gets under the influence of the disease. Only two schoolkids, Sevgi and Dinçer seem to be unaffected by this word mayhem. Together with the two and later with their schoolmates, Detective Baggydrawers involves in solving the mystery.

Language seems to be static, yet it changes with time. But this book asks the question: “What if the language changes all of a sudden and people cannot understand each other anymore?” With the answers to the question, the book hails as a  modern reference to the Tower of Babylon.


Novel, Tudem, 2011, 160 pages

Themes: Language, communication,

prejudices, imagination, cultural values

Age: 9+



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