A Violin Searching its Owner

Upon a suggestion of their teacher, every kid in the class wants to collect something. Stamps, paper napkins, old coins, soda caps… Our hero Erhan doesn’t know what to collect for he wants to collect something totally different. So he thinks, “There’s nothing dearer than collecting memories. Every other collection has a value, but memories are priceless.” So he decides to be a collector of memories.

A fake cup ceremony before the math starts, an old violin waiting for its owner at the shop window of an antiquarian, an old, weary, checkered armchair dumped to a second-hand shop and a kid undecided about what to become in the future.

Seven different stories of life! All stories imply the value of the memories we collect through life and how greedy today’s people are, with a taste of sharp humor and criticism.

A Violin Searching its Owner is a valuable story book, in which the author used her fiction technique masterfully. It starts with the story of Erhan and takes us to other stories, encounters us with stories within stories and enriches the narrative by introducing different points of view to it. ” Öznur Şahin, İYİ KİTAP


Novel, Tudem, 2013, 72 pages

Themes: Imagination, social life,

consumption, decisions, responsibility,

personal development

Age: 8+



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