A-Tik-Tuk is a little book consisting of five heart-warming stories.

In Together/Oloi mazi, a Turkish and a Greek family come together thanks to a school exchange program and discover how much they actually have in common.

Silently relates the story of a boy who accompanied his father to a hunting trip, but he prefers to hunt with his photo camera and enjoy the beauty of the wild animals he encounters.

My Grandma’s Surprise is the story of a lovely old woman and two grandchildren who find surprising things in her old chest. The grandma actually likes to make toys for children and regularly distributes them to the kids of the street.

A-Tik-Tuk starts with an annoying rattle coming from upstairs. The protagonist, a boy of 10 years old discovers his neighbour living upstairs, a boy of same age, has to wear a strange prothesis in order to be able to walk.

No More Wind is about a joy all of us have experienced once in our childhood: The moment we learn how to ride our own bicycle.

Çiğdem Güneş narrates us the joys and sorrows of children with a fluent, absorbing language.


Short stories, 2016, Tudem, 96 pages

Themes: Peace and friendship,

love of nature, solidarity

Age: 8+



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