A Lark’s Shade on my face

Engin is a teenager living in a small coastal town. His parents run a small hotel and he helps them. Everything is calm and monotonous in Engin’s life until the day Nilüfer comes to holiday with her mother to their place. Nilüfer is of same age as Engin and she suddenly colors and changes his life. They become friends and enjoy holidays together. One day, they find a mentally challenged child in an abandoned house and try to solve the mystery behind this event. In the meanwhile, their inner world is just as confusing. At one point, they realize they walk the same path although they will go apart.

The chain of events the two teenagers will encounter and the solutions they find will help them to grow up. While growing up, they will discover love and compassion.

Novel, 2010, Tudem, 248 pages

Themes: Love, communication,

feelings, teenage times, life and society

Age: 12+



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