A Gull in War

Hür (Free) the Gull is covered with crude oil after an oil refinery is bombed and thousands of tons of crude oil spills on the sea surface. As a coincidence Abbas, a little kid who happens to be on the shore, sees him and takes him home. Aziz, Abbas and Mina are three village kids struck by the war; they all live in a small hut in an abandoned village, believing the war will not reach them there. The entire family engages in cleansing the gull. They are used to live far from their home; but they are yearning for the days in peace, their home and their school. While it is still unknown to them why the war all of a sudden erupted, bombs exploding near the hut and the approaching winter takes them to another town and a new life.

Hür the Gull is an iconic being of all that was swept away during the war: Both people and things. This free bird, who flies and lands wherever it wants represents freedom without any borders and a life in peace. Another important character in the book appears as an old, broken Chevrolet. They both become friends and the Chevrolet houses the gull for some while.

In the sorrowful, gray atmosphere of the war the flourishing friendship between Hür the Gull, Rasha the dog and the blue Chevrolet sheds joy of life. The gull gets well soon thanks to the care and attention of Abbas. But it cannot leave the kids anymore. In order to return the favor, the gull goes to a military camp nearby and steals food for the kids, which brings its inevitable end.

This is a poignant novel about the war in the Middle East and its effects on the environment, people and climate…” Yeliz Kızılarslan, İYİ KİTAP

Novel, Tudem, 2010, 144 pages

Themes: War and destruction, love,

freedom, struggle, love of nature,

solidarity and friendship

Age: 10+



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