a flying omelette for kurabi

Our lovely heroine Cimcime has a new adventure for you: She’s excited about having a new dog. The math teacher of her sister Nazlı has to travel and her naughty dog Kurabi will be a guest of Cimcime’s family for a weekend.

This story full of running cats and dogs, pancakes with ‘hodan’ (no one knows what this is) and flying eggs, shows how Cimcime prepares an awesome breakfast for the family and her new friend, Kurabi.

What did they say:

It’s not because I have made it myself, but the omelette was delicious.” Cimcime

It’s not true, I have done everything!” Nazlı

It is an entertaining  and educational story for all kids who do not like pancakes with hodan.” Mrs. Müzeyyen (Grandma)

Woof! Wofwofwof!” The unknown guest dog

Meow!” Cimcime’s cat Köfte

After reading this book, I realized how delicious pancakes with hodan are. But I still don’t know what hodan is.” A reader


Novel, Tudem, 2011, 72 pages

Themes: Family, sacrifice,

keeping a pet, friendship

Age: 8+



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