A Clever Head’s Tale

Once upon a time lived a boy, with a big head. His father is proud, for he thinks his son will be very clever. But as the boy grows, so does his head. But he is not the most clever boy around… Once the boy falls down and his big head breaks into two! But what is this? There’s nothing in his head! What will he do?

In this series the masterful children’s author Ayla Çınaroğlu presents us a bouquet of modern stories told in the traditional Anatolian tale telling style. The impressive tales are embellished with the drawings of Mustafa Delioğlu, the first Turkish illustrator nominated for ALMA. The poetic narration and the imaginary will capture the hearts of children from around the world.

Illustrated Story, Uçanbalık, 2012, 32 pages

Themes: Greed, success, prejudices, imagination

Age: 6+



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