What Did We Plant to the Garden?

What did we plant to the garden? Are these monkey laughter flowers? Hippo fart shrubs? Rhinoceros horn seeds? Or worse, puking seasick pirate blooms, or yet, oozing cotton swab trees?

The boy and his little lizard make the fatal mistake of asking his parents what they planted to the garden. Instead of giving the right answer, the parents decide to make fun of the two curious friends. All of a sudden, the two find themselves in a strange, rather dirty, rather unpleasant garden – it is impossible to escape these horrible, giant plants!

Adults find farts, poops and dirty cotton swabs annoying. Apart from the fact that these never grow in a garden, these little disturbances need to be destroyed, or at least taken out of sight as soon as possible. Yet kids have a totally different relation to them – they find them funny and they can even fantasize about them. What did we plant to the Garden reverses this assumption and allows parents to pull their children’s leg a bit. Illustrated with lively drawings of Zeynep Özatalay, this fantastic children’s book offers little bookworms a fresh approach to humor. A complete English translation of the book is available.

Illustrated story,2017, Uçanbalık, 32 pages

Themes: Fantasy, asking questions, humor

Age: 3+



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