Separate Worlds

Dilşan and Sinem are two teenage girls, living a different life in different towns. Dilşan is very alone, she lives by her grandmother in a small town and believes there’s a big wall between her mother and her. Sinem on the other hand, lives in a big family and her biggest problem is the people around her…

Because of an unapproved friendship, her parents decide to send Sinem to her aunt, who lives close to Dilşan. Thus the lives of the two cross and their separate worlds clench to each other like two puzzle pieces.

In her first novel, Hüsnan Şeker expresses the world from two teenager girls’ eyes so masterfully. A lot of young readers will empathize with the two heroines of the book. In the meanwhile, the book is also a useful read for parents.

Novel, 2006, Tudem, 304 pages

Themes: Friendship, teenage times,

being an individual, solitude

Age: 11+



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