Legends from my Country

Legends are collections of stories related orally from generation to generation. The aura of dreams around legends widen up over centuries and the narratives are adopted by different cultures as well. İbrahim Zeki Burdurlu, a productive researcher and editor collected these beautiful stories from people living in different parts of Anatolia and offers us a bouquet of dreams and tales from this part of the world. Legends from my Country is not only an anthology of tales but also an ethnographic travel to Anatolia.

Since its first publication in 2007, the book made 21 new editions. An interesting, lovely read for all young readers who want to learn about a different culture.

Short stories, Tudem, 2007, 88 pages

Themes: Legends, Anatolian tales,

love, mystery

Age: 9+



Stories from Memories
İbrahim Zeki Burdurlu, a prolific writer of anthologies, local tales and legends...
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