Who Ate the Eiffel tower?

Who Ate the Eiffel Tower? consists of seven short stories that will thrill the kids of today with their energy and fluency. They seek the reality within the dream and the dream within the reality. Here are some of them:

The Wall Thieves  relates the story of two brothers who move into an old house and find a mysterious old painting there. After they discover the magic, they try to hide the painting from thieves.

Who am I? A woman who comes to a town as a tourist, meets the Red Witch on the street and since then, cannot get rid of her…. A surprise awaits her when she looks in the mirror at the end of the story. Who are actually those whom we cannot escape, no matter how hard we run?

The Shop Where the Absent Things Are: The narrator travels to a town somewhere at the Mediterranean coast. A shop full of interesting gadgets draws his attention. However, the shop keeps on disappearing out of sight and reappearing again. Moreover, a crowned frog bought from the shop keeps on turning into a prince!

Who Ate the Eiffel Tower? Three very gourmand and very hungry fellows travel in a haste to Paris. They eat all the food given in the plane, but cannot stop there: At the end, they start eating away all the famous buildings and artworks in the town. Among their victims are the famous painting Mona Lisa and one foot of the Eiffel Tower…

City of Mirrors of the Story of a Shade: Our hero loses his shade in the City of Mirrors. Can he find it back in a theater play?

Short stories, 2013, Tudem, 104 pages

Themes: Mystery, imagination,

friendship, art, history and travel

Age: 8+



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