but this kid is defective!

Good families want to have good kids. What would happen in a fictive world, where good families could choose their children according to their physical properties of character?

Sumru has finished her school with a very good degree and as soon as she was on the child shop window, she was sold out. She eats vitamin-rich food and lives in a fancy house in a settlement guarded by fences and high security. But she gets bored. Soon her father, Mr. Tayfun is going to promote to the position of general manager and he is looking forward to get another child from sales. Because a second child is one of the most important signs of power and richness.

Fırat, who comes to the family as the second child… Is he really a ‘diamond’ like the salesman has praised him or is he a good for nothing? When this child bought with big hopes happens to be defective, all dreams built upon him crumble down. In order to keep the order, Fırat has to leave. But Fırat and the other kids come together and destroy the current order, in order to build a new one.

In this fun book, kids sign a small-scale revolution. While it makes kids smile, it makes them question a lot of other issues. And it will definitely annoy some parents.” M. Banu Aksoy, İYİ KİTAP


Novel, Tudem, 2016, 120 pages

Themes: Freedom, individualism,

awareness, societal norms, expectations,

questioning, change

Age: 10



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