The Twin Travelers

Peri and Ege are 9 years old twins living in Istanbul. Like their peers, they spend their holidays reading, making sports and traveling. They like to explore new places and yearn to get to know new faces! For this, they travel across Anatolia and hunt for traces of old legends. That’s why everybody calls them “Traveler twins”.

They got their interest for history and traveling from their parents, who are two archaeologists. Since their early years, the twins heard fascinating historical stories from their parents. And they are so lucky, as Anatolia is so rich in history there are archaeological remains practically under every stone. Since prehistorical times, countless civilizations have left their traces in Anatolia – for children of today, this is both a precious cultural heritage and a world of enchanting tales.

In the episode “From Istanbul to Bodrum” the twins discover the beauties of west Anatolia and find out what happened to kids flying at the back of the winged ram, why king Midas turned everything he touched into gold and how the Lydians invented money. The second episode

“In Istanbul” is a weekender trip in Istanbul, whereby the twins learn about the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman civilizations and discover where the hippodrome, the area where chariot races were made actually is, or learn interesting facts like why the Blue Mosque is called “blue”.

The third book of the series takes the twins to Troy: The famous Iliad is accompanying them in this trip. They learn what was the omen at the birth of Paris, why was there a war in Troy at all and how did Homer write his epics Iliad and Odyssey?

And in the last book the twins travel to the sky: To visit the palace of the Sun God Helios!

Novel, Tudem, 2014, 4 Volumes

Themes: Travel, mythology, history, mysteries,

adventure, tales.

Age: 8+



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