The Science Set

The Science Set is no usual set of books about various scientific facts. It is in fact quite an original compilation: Four basic topics in science are narrated in four different, entertaining novels. While science is subtly presented in the narration, the novels never lose literary quality.

The set can be read as a complete story, or different novels and comprises of the following four funny stories:

Babam Okulun En Çalışkanı – My father is the most hardworking in the classroom!

Theme: Life and living organisms

While Bertan is not exactly the brightest student at school, he envies his father, who is an engineer and thinks he would be better off if he skipped school and became his father. Bertan is convinced he doesn’t need to know anything taught in school in order to be a successful grown-up. But is it really so? Success, failure and expectations are constant tension topics in a family. In this fantastic story, father and son exchange bodies and by living each other’s life, start building empathy towards each other.

Baba Beni Anlasana – Father, Please Understand Me

Theme: Matter and transformation

Ceren is a hardworking student, but she is a bit burnt-out as her father is controlling her all the time. During her summer holidays, Ceren decides to visit her grandmother, a university professor in retirement. Ceren’s grandma lives in an ecological farm. It is a small but very meaningful place. There, Ceren experiments many scientific facts and enjoys the nature. But it doesn’t last long: the ugly greed of urban spawn starts threatening the little farm.

Anne Beni Geri Getir – Mother, Please Bring Me Back

Themes: Physics

Science manages finally to slow down time. So, you can enter a room and stay there for hours, but when you go out you see you were there only for seconds. After this scientific development, life is never the same. If the humankind gains control of time, he will exploit it till the end. And what would happen if control is lost?

While searching answers to the question, the book brings justice and equality to the center. The humorous story of Aybeniz and Kartal, two friends who get lost in time will entertain young readers and bring along many scientific facts and experiments.

Nine Bizi Kurtarsana – Granny, Please Save Us!

Themes: Earth and universe

A greedy wizard wants to conquer the world. Thanks to the Stone of Will he stole from the Smokey Mountains, he almost reaches his aim and increaes his involuntary slaves more and more. Somebody has to stop him! Will the grandma be able to save the earth?

The last volume of the series is a perfect fantastic novel. While turning the pages of this tale, young readers will also learn a lot about Earth, planets and the universe.

Novels, Tudem, 2013

Themes: Science and technology, family,

communication between parents and child,

individual and society, greed, traveling in time,

universe, freedom, respecting nature

Age: 10+



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