The middlefish

“… I received a letter. This is the very first letter I have received in my life! I don’t mean the electronic post on the net here. I mean letters written on a piece of paper, letters folded and placed in an envelope, letters that travel all the way to the destination and arrive into the mailbox… I never knew how much a letter could move me!”

Nisan is the middle child of the family. She tries to understand her elder sister Eylül and to bear the mischiefs of her brother Ekim. Still, while she tries to understand life through her own observations, she never gives up searching for answers to any question that springs to her mind and to create new games with her friends.

The Middlefish treats the issue of having -difficult- siblings. Having brothers and sisters adds color to life, even if it sometimes creates problems: We should not be guided by our prejudices.

Novel, Tudem, 2009, 128 pages

Themes: Family relations, siblings,

growing up, puberty

Age: 9+



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